PreViser analytic software provides an objective and reproducible way for clinicians to measure and communicate patients’ risk and disease level as simple numeric scores, and to track changes over time to evaluate treatment effectiveness and outcomes.

With the increasing demand for orthodontia by adult patients, you can use PreViser analytic software to quantify periodontal status, and to ensure that those patients with a compromised periodontium are stabilized before you begin a course of treatment.  During treatment, these same numeric scores can help identify the sudden periodontal deterioration that can occur during orthodontic treatment.

The AAO/AAP task force suggested that the new guidelines could be the foundation for an improved collaboration between dentist, periodontists and orthodontists. The working party further recommended the use of the web based perio assessment tool PreViser for the evaluation of all potential patients as this would standardize the reporting between the clinicians as well as providing an easy to understand report of the individual patient’s periodontal status and suitability for orthodontic care.”

– British Dental Journal, October, 2014 https://www.nature.com/articles/sj.bdj.2015.46