How was PreViser developed?

PreViser was founded by dental clinicians that understand a “one size fits all’’ approach does NOT work when it comes to oral health. We use proprietary predictive analytics from years of historical health evidence to accurately determine individual patients’ oral health scores and risk. Our results and methods have been clinically proven in peer-reviewed studies to ensure the best oral health outcomes. We have taken this expertise and created a patented platform that describes the right personalized oral care approach for each patient.


I want to register for a PreViser account for my practice. How do I create an account?

Setting up an account is easy! Navigate to: and follow the online prompts. For step-by-step instructions, here.


I have registered for a PreViser account for my practice. How do I set it up?

Account management task includes adding clinicians and office personal which will be using PreViser, confirming your network participation or signing a BAA with PreViser, as well personalizing the account with a picture.


I have registered for a PreViser account. How do I get to the clinical risk assessment tool to start patient assessments?

  • Navigate to: in your web browser (PreViser works best with Chrome).
  • It may be helpful to create a shortcut on your desktop of your computer to easily access PreViser Clinical Suite in the future.


Why am I having trouble creating my patient?

If your patient is associated with an insurer, be sure not to use extra spaces and enter the patient insurance information exactly the way it appears on the patient’s insurance card. If you are still having a hard time, reach out to the insurance company your office is in-network with.


How do I know what additional benefits my patient qualifies for?

Some insurers have opted to allow dental practices to access additional insurance information directly from PreViser. After you’ve completed the assessment, if you see the “Check Benefits” button at the top of the patient report, you can click there to gain more information about the patient’s additional benefits. 


My practice is part of a group Dental Service Organization (DSO). Can our accounts be linked?

Great news! Multiple practices can be managed as one organization in PreViser Enterprise Solutions. If you are interested in learning what PreViser Enterprise Solutions can offer, please contact PreViser.


Is there a cost associated with using PreViser?

There are two options for using PreViser. The Standard PreViser Product is free to all providers. The PreViser Enterprise Solutions requires a yearly subscription plan but delivers so much value to the dental practice. See more information about PreViser Enterprise Solutions.


Do I need a PreViser account for every dentist in my practice?

No. You should only need one account per practice location. Typically, the patients of the practice are shared between dentists, so only one PreViser account is necessary and recommended. However, if the dentists practice in the same location, but DO NOT share patients and want to keep their patients separated, then two accounts can be created.


Does everyone in my practice need their own PIN#?

Yes, everyone who logs into PreViser must have their own PIN number for HIPAA compliance.


How do I reset my password?

Simply navigate to:, click on reset password, and enter the email address that is associated with your PreViser account.


Why is my PreViser account locked and how do I get it unlocked?

Your account was likely locked for security purposes due to too many failed login attempts. Please contact PreViser to unlock your account.


An employee left my practice. How do I inactivate their access to PreViser?

Navigate to: Once an admin has logged in, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the clinician you’d like to inactivate. Click on the user’s name and check the box that says “inactive.”