Industry leading oral health technology

It’s as simple as assess, predict, and prevent.
Oral diseases eliminated.

We are the leaders in predicting oral wellness through evidence-based risk scores that determine patients’ likelihood to get oral diseases.

PreViser is like having a window to the future.

Once upon a time…

A visionary dentist and a technology wizard got together to eliminate oral diseases. After lots of thoughtful planning, the result…the PreViser clinical assessment and improved oral health.

Oral diseases are not eliminated yet, but we’re well on our way!

Why PreViser?

  • Approximately 91% of adults ages 20-64 have caries on at least 1 permanent tooth.*
  • 70% of adults age 65+ have some form of periodontal disease*
  • 1 in every 5 cases of oral cancer occurs in patients younger than 55.*


Who the heck wants oral disease?

PreViser drives the right behaviors.
It’s our superpower!

With PreViser’s personalized oral health scores, high-risk patients can unlock additional benefits. By focusing on prevention, patients stay healthier. And who doesn’t want that?

Let’s eliminate oral disease forever!

How Does PreViser Work?


A patient goes to the dentist.
The clinician performs a PreViser risk assessment.


Bring on the secret sauce!

Behind the scenes, PreViser peer reviewed, and patented technology accurately predicts patients’ risk for oral diseases today and tomorrow.


Based on the oral health scores, patients can unlock additional preventive benefits from their insurance company.

Winning Results

Patients now have improved oral and overall health. It’s a win, win for everybody!

Top 3 Reasons to Use PreViser

See the

Predict oral diseases before they ever happen with predictive analytics. Focus on prevention to avoid future emergency and restorative services.

Retain, Retain, and Retain Again!

Keep patients, groups, members and employees coming back for more with PreViser.

Cutting Edge Technology Committed to Health

Drive healthier behaviors with patient centered tools.

Listen to Our Fans

“PreViser keeps our patients healthy, it’s a motivational tool and it’s…vital to my patients’ health.”

Dr. Tom Schoen, DDS
Wabasha, Minnesota

“There is no tool that can objectively analyze ‘future’ risk with information such as measuring periodontal pocket, buccal photograph, etc. This is the reason why I use (PreViser) in my office.”

Dr. Takashi Yamanaka
Kakogawa City,
Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

“Oral health care may only be four percent of overall health care, but based upon what we’ve learned so far and the work that is coming out now on the importance of oral health, it probably represents 15 to 20 percent of health care value. That’s why oral health care deserves attention.”

Dr. R. Bruce Dunoff
Dean of Harvard School of Dental Medicine

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* “Periodontal Disease.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 10 July 2013,