March 2021 Release Notes

PreViser is continuing to improve and optimize the user experience with its products.  As part of this continuing investment, we are excited to announce the March 2021 release going live on 3/25/2021. The release includes enhancements that increase ease of use, add powerful new features, and expand the free online training for providers.


New ‘What’s Changed’ graph for Comprehensive assessment.

The Comprehensive risk assessment includes a ‘What’s Changed’ section just like the Perio, Caries, and Oral Cancer assessments. This enhancement engages patients in their oral health by showing their oral health scores over time and allows them to track their progress with vibrant images.


New training videos.

PreViser has created 5 new educational videos centered around PreViser’s risk assessment tool – Clinical Suite. These helpful videos are easy to follow and share with dental offices; they can be utilized for remote onboarding and training purposes.


New contextual help for risk assessments.

We are offering further clarification regarding clinical assessment questions. Providers can select the ‘i’ icon next to the clinical assessment questions for further clarification. This makes it even easier to complete risk assessments and creates consistency among providers.


Improved home health care report in Clinical Suite.

Providers can utilize the Home Care Report feature to recommend personalized oral care products to patients based on their risk and disease scores. This feature streamlines and automates the homecare products recommendations process and allows for consistency across the practice.


New ‘forgot PIN’ feature.

We added a ‘Forget PIN?’ option on the login page. Not only are providers able to retrieve their username and password via email, but they can also retrieve their PIN numbers. This will allow providers to quickly self-help online in case they cannot remember their PIN.


Improved ability to integrate insurance claims system with PreViser.

PreViser allow providers to delete an assessment from the Clinical Suite. If an assessment is performed in error, the provider can delete the record and send an automated notification to the insurer that explains the error. This saves time for the provider and the insurer by automating a customer support issue. NOTE: This feature is available for non-insurance patients and Northeast Delta Dental patients – support will be rolled out to other insurance carriers in the near future.


New privacy mode for Browse Patients page.

Providers can ‘hide’ patients’ names to only show the patients’ initials. This enhances HIPAA compliance for offices by hiding protected health information if the computer monitor can be viewed by patients.

Improved patient search.

Providers can search patients by date of birth. This saves time and eliminates confusion if more than one patient has the same name.


Warn providers when creating a duplicate patient.

If a provider is entering a patient that is already in the PreViser system, that provider will need to confirm that this is the correct action they are trying to take. The confirmation window pops up when a patient with the same first and last name and birthday is entered.


PreViser thanks you for trusting us to provide you with oral health technology solutions and is excited to continue our partnership to help you achieve your goals.