PreViser Offers a Return on Investment through Improved Oral Health

Tooth loss savings is just one of the ways that PreViser can save on claims while offering the patient better oral health. Using the periodontal risk assessment helps identify early periodontitis when it can more easily be treated and prevent the loss of teeth. The following chart is an example of a study that was done comparing tooth loss among adults with and without periodontal treatment.

There is also increasing evidence that oral health impacts a patient’s overall health. Therefore, offering prevention in oral health can positively impact costs on medical. Click here to read a report discussing the link between oral health and systemic disease, including diabetes.

Tooth Loss Rate / 1,000 adults No Treatment1 Perio Treatment2 % Reduction
Mild Periodontitis 60 10 83%
Moderate Periodontitis 140 30 67%
Severe Periodontitis 430 140 67%
Study Period 15 years 13.2 years
Number of Subjects 523 776

Expectation: Over time, total treatment costs will decrease as teeth are saved.

1.Martin JA, Page RC, Kaye EK, Hamed MT, Loeb CF. Periodontitis severity plus risk as a tooth loss predictor. J Periodontol 2009;80: 202-209