The Population Oral Health Manager

One of the best features of the Population Oral Health Manager is that it can be implemented in stages or “Levels” to accommodate budgetary, technology and personnel resources, and your clients’ demands.

Level One: The Self-Assessment

Your members can take the assessment in the privacy of their home. Knowledge of their oral health condition and needs leads to better oral care on their part.

Level Two: Member Engagement Begins

  • PreViser’s proprietary Self-Assessment Site Generator allow the benefit provider to create individual instances of customized self-assessments for your groups that includes their logos and any special messaging they would like to provide to their members about the assessment
  • The PreViser DataHub – a HIPAA HITECH secure data integration hub resides behind your firewall and picks up all data from the self-assessment tests
  • The PreViser Message Center interacts with DataHub and allows personalized, targeted, relevant email or text alerts to the test takers based on their scores
  • Analytic reports that help characterize the oral health profile of your participating groups
  • Unlimited number of the PreViser clinical tool (the Oral Health Information Suite or OHIS) licenses to your dentists worldwide

Participation at Level Two begins engagement with your members and helps increase their knowledge about the importance of oral health as well as insight into their own situation. Also, because messaging is targeted, this can be a very effective means to lower the “no visits” of your members, at a lower cost than the more traditional methods of postcards and posters.

Level Three: Collecting Clinical Data

  • All elements contained in Level 2 continue for Level 3
  • Connectivity between all of the dentists who offer care to your members and the PreViser Data Hub
  • Data analytics that accurately track changes in outcomes over time
  • Data analytics that can be combined with claims data to provide in depth actionable information
  • Offers a patient validation service to ensure data integrity in your system

Participation at Level 3 allows the organization to offer analytic reporting with actionable information as well as implement outreach to members on specific oral disease risk and severity conditions. Over time, the data can demonstrate the improvement that has occurred on both the individuals and a client group’s oral health.

Level Four: Offering Enhanced Benefit Plan Design

  • All elements contained in Level 3 continue for the Level Four fully integrated wellness program
  • The organization has the ability to pick up the clinical tool [Oral Health Information Suite or OHIS] scores by the claims system for enhanced benefit adjudication

Organizations participating at Level 4 are better able to match benefits based on the patient’s need, creating “stickiness” and loyalty from clients.