The PreViser Message Center is an integral component of the Population Oral Health Manager (POHM). It interacts with the PreViser Data Hub to provide the following functionality to PreViser Clients:

  • Allows the creation of standardized templates for oral wellness messaging unique to the Client.
  • Allows for the creation of the oral health messages that will be delivered to Recipients based on specific combinations of oral disease risk and severity as well as other health criteria.
  • Allows for those messages to be sent via email automatically as individuals meeting the defined oral health characteristics are identified through self or clinical assessment.
  • Allows for lists of email addresses from other sources than the PreViser Data Hub to be uploaded for messaging purposes.
  • Allows for delivery of messages containing PHI to be delivered through a HIPAA compliant email server.
  • Allows for standard delivery of messages that do not contain PHI.
  • Tracks message recipient responses at the individual level, including bounces, unsubscribes and click through activity to hyperlinks within the messages.
  • Accomplishes all of the above without the need for message Recipients (or the public Internet) to access the Message Center server located behind the Client firewall, ensuring appropriate system security.