PreViser: Bringing Population Oral Health
Management into Focus

PreViser’s Population Oral Health Manager

  • A complete oral wellness solution
  • Through its scientifically validated oral risk and disease severity assessments, identifies those patients who can most benefit from preventive oral health measures
  • Offers a HIPAA-compliant Message Center with pre-templated messages to engage patients with targeted and relevant oral health messaging

The first evidence-based, on-line risk-prediction system for periodontitis, caries and oral cancer.

PreViser’s Self Assessment – through custom group websites – fosters patient engagement and oral health education to members.PreViser’s Oral Health Information Suite – often called the OHIS – is the clinical tool that dentists use to conduct the risk assessment. This measures oral disease risk and severity.

Why Include PreViser in your Wellness Program?

PreViser’s premier product, the Population Oral Health Manager, brings focus to your wellness program and your offerings to your clients:

    • PreViser data provides insights into what procedures are needed for a patient based on disease risk and severity scores, as well as whether procedures delivered improved the health of the patient, resulting in true patient-centered oral health
    • Allows for evidence-based plan design and claims adjudication, allowing patients to get the preventive treatment they need
    • Aligns the benefit provider’s offerings with RFP’s that request risk assessment
    • Offers a tool for messaging outreach that is meaningful and targeted to the individual based on their PreViser scores
    • Positions an organization as a leader in oral wellness
    • Offers benefits to your members, including:
      • A true patient-centered oral health experience as results are specific to the individual patient and based on a science-backed algorithm
      • Results are immediate
      • Consumer friendly, colorful reports help educate the patient about the importance of oral health and on compliance with the recommended care
      • Graphs track patient progress over time serving as a motivator for the patient to remain engaged

All PreViser software is backed by peer-reviewed science, is fully HIPAA compliant and provides automated offsite backup and patient record retention. Reach PreViser at or call 1-888-854-0007.